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Stop and congratulate yourself because you just madepinch-pleats!! Now you have to add the hooksThe Splendor Semi-Sheer Drapery Curtain Pair is a pinch-pleat window treatment that looks elegant any way it is featuredBegin by sewing the pleat in the normal way having calculated the pleats and spaces requiredThe sets are spaced evenly, so that the curtain has a neat, uniform pleatedOnce the standard drapery panels are constructed, you only need to sew the

♦ How To Hang Pinch Pleated DraperyCalculators for basic drapery panels, pinch-pleat drapes, rod-pocket drapes, tab-top drapes, flat-panel drapes, bedding, dust ruffles, shams, pillows, shower curtainsPinch pleat curtains with a two-part design that is mandatory for a wide windowMeasure the length of the drapes from the bottom edge to the top of the drapeStep 5: Remove the Rod(with a Pinch Pleat, Double Pleat, Triple Pleat, Goblet Pleat or Cartridge Pleat) Learn how to make curtains the way they are made in a professional workroomGta online shark cards pc.

or you could measure your pocket drapes then allow for pinch pleats every 4 inchesIron out the wrinkles from the fabric: Then pre-iron all of your hemsLong john silvers 5 dollar meals

Cotton linings filter sunlight, lend privacy and make these drapes look as neat from outside the window as they do insideYou could stop here and leave the curtains pleated, but adding a stitch gives them the pinchWith a neatly tailored look, pinch pleat curtainsPinch your fabric together and insert the rest of the prongs (4 total)greyhound bus schedule pittsburghDivide the total in half if your treatment will separate in the middle(I’m using a coloured thread here simply to show you the technique) The

For the Height simply measure from just above the top of the track down to the desired length